Birthdays are celebrated yearly for some, and others only on milestone years 1, 16, 18, 21, 40, 50 and so forth! We love birthdays. every age matters and what amazing memories are made at these events! Birthdays can be themed of kids, and adults – it’s all up to your imagination!

The Styling

Planning is everything, be sure to think about what brings joy to the birthday person and think of the guests and how to make it enjoyable, and memorable for each of them.

Some birthdays mainly have the same age group of guests as the birthday person, if it’s a themed birthday the concept makes it easier to design and get ideas on the styling by making a themed cake, cookies, lollies, decor and table setting designs with favour boxes for the guests.

Entertainment can be sought through the venue, or seek vendors who supply entertainment whether it’s music, play areas like jumping castles, soft play, magicians, face painting, to DJ, dancers, singers/bands!

It’s always fun to see the joy on the birthday person’s face after we do our setups!

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