Weddings truly are the most prestigious events in a lifetime, and we truly feel honored when we get to be a part of the Bride & Grooms’ spectacular day! Weddings are a full day and night event, from the Bride & Grooms home to the Church and Ceremony, scenic and iconic locations for photography, and to the Reception to celebrate the couple and dance the night away! 

The Styling

Let’s start with the home, where both the Bride and Groom have an intimate set up to capture them on their Wedding day with all of their essentials, the Bridal Party, the intricate pieces worn by the bride & groom, the bouquet, the ring, and jewelry, the scent of their perfume and the shoes in which they will walk all day and let’s not forget the glorious dress and suit they wear!

Create a picturesque set up of you with your loved ones at your home in a Bridal Room set up with our props, florals and accessories that will feature all of the pieces that make you the Bride and Groom from head to toe!

Most set ups are the traditional White, with touches of Gold and Silver dressed with florals of choice, the décor can be extended outside depending on your traditions and having an outdoor set up for any dancing to get the party started early! We offer a variety of setup options that can accommodate and provide your wedding day with the premium props and accessories it deserves!

We also have arches, hoops and arbors perfect for the wedding ceremony, and receptions bridal table. The backdrop chosen would be adorned in flowers and foliage to give that elegant touch of love to your wedding day!

Below are some ideas to give you inspiration from our Baby Showers, and you can also view our full range of premium prop hire at our HIRE SHOP  and feel free to Contact us and we would love to help you plan your special occasion!

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